Call for Papers: Resilience and Resistance in Illiberal Regimes

August 7, 2020

Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics (IEEJSP) invites original research papers for its thematic issue on Resilience and Resistance in Illiberal Regimes: Practices Supporting Vulnerable Groups (edited by Zsuzsanna Vidra, CEU Center for Policy Studies and ELTE PPK IIPE and Michael C. Zeller, CEU Center for Policy Studies and Department of Political Science).

Roma Civil Monitor project’s final cycle finds rule of law endangered by poor implementation of integration policy

Sizeable discrepancies between the EU Member States’ declared policies on Roma integration and how those policies are implemented in practice is grounds for serious concern as they represent the main obstacle for successful inclusion of Roma and their participation in the society.

Karlsruhe’s ‘giving fences’: mobilisation for the needy in times of COVID-19

July 13, 2020

CPS researcher Michael Zeller published a movement report in the Solidarity and mutual aid section of the latest issue of Interface - a journal for and about social movements.


Call for Papers: Graduate Student Award Competition

July 1, 2020

Center for Policy Studies (CPS) invites recent graduates and continuing students to reflect, analyze and to share innovative ideas on topics related to the civil society voice and participation in shaping Roma equality policies with special attention to civil society monitoring mechanisms.

PhD Position in Transcultural Studies, Universitat St. Gallen

June 30, 2020

Transcultural Studies is a research Focus at the HSG School for Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) and explores contemporary cultural and social transformations, configurations and negotiations in an ethnographic, comparative and genealogical perspective. The particular focus lies on migration/mobility and cultural aspects of inequality and redistribution.

PhD Position in the SNSF-funded Project
Europe's Un/Deserving: Moralizations of Inequality in Comparative Perspective
Subproject Hungary, start 1 January 2021