Research Focus

Examining Hungary as an International Development Actor

March 26, 2013

Although some still define Hungary as a country in transition, its membership in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the EU oblige that it give a percentage of its gross national income (GNI) to underdeveloped countries to assist with health initiatives, poverty reduction, and improving education. Even with a near 11 percent unemployment rate and a struggling economy, Hungary is still one of the 50 richest countries in the world, based on gross national product (GDP) per capita.

Cars and Cashews: Consumer Culture Behind the Iron Curtain

January 15, 2013

To the West, the “Iron Curtain” meant a draping of much of Central and Eastern Europe with ideology utterly foreign to democratic and free market concepts. However, a vibrant consumer culture thrived in the region, encouraged by Soviet leader Nikita Krushchev, who believed that socialism could beat capitalism even in the drive for material wealth, traditionally considered a capitalist trait.

Protecting the Rights of People at the Crossroads

October 8, 2012

European countries strive toward equality, protecting citizens against discrimination by race, gender, age, disability, religion and sexual orientation. But what about Roma women? Disabled migrants? Elderly Muslims? People who belong to more than one disadvantaged group have a different experience, requiring special attention, according to Andrea Krizsan, research fellow at CEU’s Center for Policy Studies.

Ethnic Differences in Education Shown to Reinforce Inequalities


Despite policies of inclusion, compulsory education for all, and attempts at establishing multiculturalist arrangements in schools across Europe, minority ethnic students face segregation and discrimination that reinforce, perpetuate, and often even deepen their socio-economic disadvantages. This is the overall conclusion of a comparative research project conducted in nine European countries led by Associate Professor Julia Szalai, a sociologist and recognized expert on Roma and minority rights.